THE THRIVE | 2020 Motivation Film

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Windsurfing is everything to me! Creating this film has allowed me to discover the source of my passion and express these feelings.
// English, German and French subtitles are available.

A passion project by:

???? Ole:
????‍♂️ Nico:

Let's Make Windsurfing Great Again !
#Windsurfing #Motivation #2K20

My Partners: Druckerei Multicolor, braineffect, NeilPryde, JP Australia, Nordmann ToolMonitoring


Sounddesign/Mix/Master: Henner /

Requisites/locations: Solera Motor Volkswagen - El Puerto de Santa María, New Concept Tarifa

Windsurfers: Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Ben Van Der Steen, Dennis Müller

- Running Away From Home by Martin Puehringer - Artlist
- Daybreak by David James Terry - Artlist
- Last To Fall by Will-Van-De-Crommert - Artlist
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