JOY (2020) | Drama Short Film | MYM [2K]

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Joy is an emotional short film following the struggles of a single Nigerian mother trying to raise her son in London.

The film has been produced by The Wall of Productions for the Charity Key 4 Life who has been generously supported by Universal Music.

Key 4 Life is a charity which rehabilitates young men in prison or at risk of going to prison, and children caught up in knife crime.

Jolade Obasola
Reece Badziokila

Directed By
Sheila Nortley

Written By
Percelle Ascott
Igor Mongulu

Director of Photography
Olan Collardy

Produced By
Sam Ewen
Percelle Ascott
Igor Mongulu
Sheila Nortley

Executive Producers:
David Sharpe
Tafara Makope
Joivan Wade
Percelle Ascott

Associate Producer:
Corey Anderson

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