GTAV Racing - Chernobyl in the Snow!

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Whats that noise? Oh that's just my Gieger counter indicating deadly radiation slowly killing me as I race my Asbo around a Chernobyl themed track, at night and in the snow... We also had some issue's with abandoned cars, presumably the occupants fled the area.

Name: KALA - 3.6 Roentgen GP
Description: "A track that is not great, but not terrible either. It turns the Los Santos wind farm produces no wind power & is actually an RMBK Reactor. Someone has crashed a helicopter into Reactor 4 which is now on fire & has some strange green smoke pouring out. The LS Kilowatt Green Business (KGB) have advised there's nothing to worry about"

If you are interested in joining me to race:
Discord here:

Crew (Used for my playlists and races) -

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